Do you keep everything in your life on track?

Pixels Sideways has built up very quickly the LEA Sim. Other works are to come, but in the meantime I see a surface in black and white and with items that are in motion. The caption of the landing prim does not bode well: "Home or is it? You might be safe but there are no garantuees." On my way in the installation the problems are starting: I stumble over invisible obstacles and are moved again and again to somewhere else as planned. I feel like the ball in a pinball wizzard. Somehow this is very familiar to me ;) Touchez! Funny and greatly built.
 "The installation is called "That's the Story of my life.” In Pixel's words: "Turning a crap day (week, month, year, life...) into craptacular art is how I would describe this work.
 Turn on sounds not to miss the funny sounds and the music by Velvet Underground. 


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