Sneak Preview: Betty's Japan

Suitable to Hanami (Cherry Blossom Festival) in Japan, Betty Tureaud presents her version of typical Japanese motifs. As always, a feast for the eyes.
Betty's friends know that she has a special relationship with Japan, because her mother, which sadly already passed away, was Japanese. Therefore, the work is a very personal approach with the Japanese classical aesthetics and culture. 
Japan is also called the land of the rising sun. In front of the rising sun are flying origami cranes and one can sit on them.
Betty Tureaud flying on a crane
Betty tells about Sadako Sasaki. Sadako lived in Hiroshima and was only 2 years old when the atomic bomb was dropped by the Americans. As a late consequence 9 years later she started to suffer leukemia. Hospitalized, Sadako heard about an old Japanese legend after which one would get fulfilled a wish of the gods, when folding 1,000 paper cranes. She folded over 1000 cranes until her death after 14 months of clinic stay. The cranes became a symbol of the peace movement. Betty: "Every year school children fold cranes and bring them to Hioshima...The story always makes me cry"
We agreed that it is a shame that nowadays in peacetime; the nuclear danger still exists "for the need of cheap energy, greedyness and corruption" .

" THE LAND OF THE RISING SUN" opens April 9th at 2 PM SLT with a set by Ultraviolet Alter, especially created for the installation.


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