Papermakis Escaped to Rome

Even if SL is not a game, the majority of us love to play here. Some are playing children, but most would prefer to play as an adult and the games must not just be adultery;) How much residents are seeking well made games shows the huge succes of Sanity Falls.
One of the most lovable playgrounds I found last year has been the Papermakis. The readers of my note cards will remember. At that time I had not yet the blog. Papermakis are cute avatars in a cute world of letters and ink with lots of nice animations and sweet sounds. I came again and again.  
And how much I missed them, I realized when my little friends now had found an exile in Rome. They were, or better said their foster mother Romy Nayar was diligent and there are a lot of new attractions to enjoy. Don’t miss to dance as Papermaki, the dance animations are hilarious.  
 So, on to Rome and play Papermaki!
You get your free avatar in the black skybox. Just use the tp from the landing point.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MIC/204/158/39


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