Artists versus Content Creators - Some Thoughts

"Content Creation" by Mikatsuki Matova
The Fantasy Faire has brought me to thinking. In Second Life is a not insignificant group of builders who do great work without fame and glamour. They have to. Because they have to follow the laws of the market in order to pay tier for their shops. No patrons, no sponsors, no LEA. Some of them even live from that work. And the customers are demanding. They want the best for their Linden. An example is the rapid succes of mesh in the fashion world. The Fantasy Fair shows the high quality nowadays with its great products and sim design.
"Content Creation", fractal wings by Kerryth Tarantal
Quite a few artists look pale compared to this. As I wrote in my article on Athena Bedrosian, when it comes to art of course content is as well important. But is that enough to justify a higher status? I experience the content creators in general as a cool, humble people.
"Content Creation" by Mikatsuki Matova
Moreover, the shop owners do all to save prims, wherever it is possible without loosing quality. I calculated a bit. A prim cost me 128 Linden tier each year. Ok, I know there are cheaper parcels. But I allow me the luxury of a place in one of the beautiful sims.
"Content Creation" by Mayah Parx
This troll-tree on the photo has 6 prims, so it costs 768 Linden tier on my land. Artists generally do not worry about prims. Why should they? Many do not pay for the land of their work place and for the exhibitions. 250 prims for a single sculpture are rather the rule than the exception. To place such work on my land I pay 32 000 Linden a year. The artists who are surprised that their art is sold so little, should perhaps think about that.

All products in the photographs are purchased at the Fantasy Faire. They have 1 to 6 prims. Is that really just content creation?

Taxi to Fantasy Faire: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nu%20Orne/72/138/35

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