An Expressive Mesh World

 "Les nocturnes Echapées de Marcel Chiffon" (The night tours of Marcel Chiffon) is the title of an installation by Lollitho Larkham. Several independent scenes are connected by a staircase maze. You can also use TP or fly, which I preferred. The scenes are inspired by various literary sources, as you can see in Lollito’s  note card.

The best of the works is that Lollito plays with light and shadow and the scenes have a strong, almost magical effect. I found some very touching. 

These great works also attracted Eupalinos Ugajin. He fought, wearing a kind of devil outfit by Maya Paris, heroic against a monster from hell fire:
Marcel: Save me Trollop! by Eupalinos Ugajin
Here the link to Eupalinos' fotostream, which is always worth a visit.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Seraphine/33/85/329