Turquoise is the New Black!

I'm not a fashion blogger. But with the fashion of Trill Zapatero I do always an exception. I love the casual bohemian style of BoHo HoBo and the ethnic-inspired fashion of Meena.  All for really good prices! Trills fashion is not only fantastic colorful and super good textured, but over all it is for a good cause. The Sim is runned by a sponsor and all turnovers are proceeded completely to RAWA, the Afghan women's organization. So shop ‘til you drop!

Today I got a great denim jacket in turquoise as subscriber gift. You can still get it by clicking at the subscriber board in front of the BoHo HoBo shop. I tried it and had to thank Trill:
The jacket is subscriber gift of BoHo HoBo, shirt + skirt are also from BoHo HoBo
 Quan Lavender: Hey Trill, thank you for the subcriber gift
Trill Zapatero: ooo you're so welcome
Trill Zapatero: turquoise is the new black
Quan Lavender: so far brown was the new black ;)
Trill Zapatero: I changed all that
Trill Zapatero: As of today, turquoise is the new black, my favorite colour
Quan Lavender: We need more colors!
Trill Zapatero: Yes. I still like black, black with colours
Quan Lavender: yess
Trill Zapatero: oh for the 'Where is the Concert?" hunt I made a red coat, sort of wine
Quan Lavender: wow, wonderful
Trill Zapatero: the coat is in the shop
Quan Lavender: both in BoHo shop, right?
Trill Zapatero: Yes, and the hunt gift is in a marked hunt item in the shop. I totally remodelled it
The coat is hunt gift at BoHo HoBo
Of course I went there and it is not hard to find. Don’t miss the hunt gift. I love the coat too!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Four%20Bridges%20Exhibit/231/7/2001


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