Do You Have a Screw Loose or a Gear Out of Place?

Rose Borchovski: Self Portrait
I have to thank Rose Borchovski. When FreeWee Ling announced for the January UWA contest self-portraits, I was not really interested. Probably because when I was a child, I found the self-portraits in the galleries always terribly boring. I have pictures in my mind, where vain artists attempt to look interesting by carefully arranged accessories. But then Rose yesterday sent a picture not with a baby as usual, but with an elder woman: Angry Beth. That made me curious. Rose has not represented her in the best light, but showed a side of her that - if even - only know a few and no one likes to show. She looks bad-tempered, is falling and reaches out her hand. Especially in such situations we need help. But will someone understand and be there?
 Next to this is the work of nexuno Thespian and he was around:

Nexuno Thespian: Ancient ruins of temple of nex
nexuno Thespian: hi quannnn :)
Quan Lavender: Hi nexuno :)
nexuno Thespian: hehehe i m here to see if the wild gears stay into my work
Quan Lavender: so that is you? ;)
Quan Lavender: dangerous to come nearer
nexuno Thespian: ahhahahahahaha yes in italy for say that one person is crazy we say have a gear out of place
nexuno Thespian: and i ve a lot of gears out of place
nexuno Thespian: ahahahhaa
Quan Lavender: we say a screw is loose
nexuno Thespian: hehehehehe u don t have to search a meaning of this work ahhahaha is like life not easy to know where is the meaning hahaah
Quan Lavender: we all have so much sides of our personality
Quan Lavender: that is just a cut out
nexuno Thespian: hehehehee yes hahahahaa we r lucky we can choose what part other can see
Quan Lavender: you think you show a side of you which is obvious?
nexuno Thespian: ehhehehhe i think people see what want see ehhehehee
Quan Lavender: true, but is has something to do with how the others are
nexuno Thespian: everyone find a personal interpretation :)
Quan Lavender: true
nexuno Thespian: for me the gears are the wild of myself
nexuno Thespian: that who want escape from real
nexuno Thespian: hehehehehe but my avi is a part of me he always change and is my emotional state of the moment
nexuno Thespian: if u see there s a dancer nex into the work ,::)
Quan Lavender: so maybe it shows better than your rl how you are?
nexuno Thespian: hehehehe i m not difficult to understand in rl i m an emotive ehhehehehe and shy ahhahahahaha
Quan Lavender: your avatar does not look shy :)
nexuno Thespian: eheheh i know nex is other of me
Quan Lavender: that is what I meant
Quan Lavender: and maybe we play here to learn until we also can be rl
nexuno Thespian: heheehe yes sl is a good instrument to learn something about ourselves too

That was really interesting. I understood that each one in this crazy virtual world creates as "artist" a self-portrait with his avatar. And this might be more the way we want to be or another facet of our personality. The self-portraits at UWA create another facet that sometimes has more to do with the avatar, sometimes more with the artist behind it. This is really exciting and worth visiting. You can vote for your favorites of the 25 works, here a choice:

Front: Eifachfilm Vacirca: Smiley d-oo-b; Back: Cherry Manga: Autoportrait
FreeWee Ling: Am I my avatar's pet?
Carmsie Melodie - Portrait
Lilia Artis: One of Billions

I look at my avi. If I were an artist, I would belong to the vain ones.

Now replaced by perfune show:
Taxi:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/UWA/68/130/249

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