Sneak Preview: ...Things are More Shades of Grey

'Not Everything Is Plain Black & White' is the name of the new whole sim work of Fuschia Nightfire. So true!  How nice it would be if the world were so simple.
At the landing point first you have to make your choice of a black, grey or white avatar. I have chosen a black one and modified it a bit. In the white area outside there is only one hole and I jumped in. Be prepared for a journey through a monochrome world whith all possible shades of gray. You will see a mixture of old and new works. I especially liked the textures of the sim.
Fuschia had technical problems with terraforming and is therefore late with building. My pictures are the current state of her work, it still can change by tomorrow.
From right to left: Fuschia, a dancer and me
Metales again has a great monthly exhibition. Opening is tomorrow, Friday 20. at 1 PM SLT with a set of my favourite DJ in SL, DJ Eif.

If you take any photos you can upload them to the flickr-group of the show: http://www.flickr.com/groups/1823435@N25/

Taxi:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MetaLES/56/62/30


Unknown said...

Her true talent is thinking outside the box and using her tools in ways most of us haven't dreamed of.

Quan Lavender said...

I agree totally!