Happy Chinese New Year!

Yesterday the Chinese celebrated New Year. To be prepared for the year is it tradition to consult astrology masters. Here is the prediction of famous HongKong Master Raymond Lo for the Year of the Dragon:

...hmmm, Europe will not do so well....ok.....but yesterday in SL it did!

At Musei di Roma opened a new installation by Merlino Mayo:
Merlino Mayo as the Dragon of 2012

In Rome there was an exhibition of contemporary Chinese artists. Merlino has selected 12 works of them and reconstructed for SL in 3d. Merlino built with great love and respect for the works and the result is fascinating. One can dive into the works and they feel very different as just seeing. It's absolutely worth visiting. It was a pleasure to walk through the entire installation. Bravissimo Merlino! That's how art in SL turns to an immersive experience!
Meng Luding 2d
Meng Luding by Merlino Mayo in 3d
This installation should be a must for all artists who believe that an upload of scans is the right way to present art in Second Life. Here they learn how to use the possibilities of Second Life and make art an unforgettable event!
Tan Ping 2d
Tan Ping by Merlino Mayo 3d
My photos are only 2d and therefore of course only a faint copy of the work. To give you an idea of how it turns the impression, here is a little movie about a famous work by Picasso's "Guernica" turned into 3d which I already love for a long while:

Please do not miss it. Merlino Mayo gave these works literally a new dimension.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!
(This is Mandarin and means wishing you to be prosperous in the coming year.)

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