Sneak Preview: Between Orient and Occident

In the January UWA Sky Sim Series 3 Western artists are presenting works about one theme very different ways.
Louly Loon approaches the subject by going to the Far East with the opera Madame Butterfly. When it was written in 1904 by Puccini, Japan was for Europeans even much further away and stranger than nowadays. It was more a fairy tale than reality.

Louly has implemented the three acts of the opera into 3 scenes. Wonderfully delicate structures are turning the theatrical scenery into a European dream of a distant and strange Japan. I'm totally enchanted!

ChapTer Kronfeld made his way on the search and lets us share his artistic process.  Obviously he was in danger to get lost in it. He must have been in between on the way to give up. The well done build contains some surprises on the way. Did he find an answer? The last scene is a labyrinth without exit.
ChapTer says on this: “The journey has to remain the reward and not a static end point. We all have to care and to make an effort continuously in approaching step by step the culturally different and new.”

Asmita Duranjaya is the initiator of the project and I find her work closest to my personal experience. She has pointed out some important fields of mutual impingement and presents them in a visually appealing way: trade, architecture, meditation, etc. The exhibition is partly interactive. It was fun to follow. You can get a HUD with additional information and a puzzle with the chance to gain a gift. I think the theme could be further expanded. I my mind came spontaneously: Arabic numbers, the Arabian influence on Western medicine, rice, noodles and porcelain.
I met Asmita yesterday and quite surprised I had to hear from her that I do "not pay tribute to her importance in the art world of SL” in my blog and that I am "neither able nor in the position to judge her art”. My immediate reaction was not to write about her work. But after some thinking I changed my mind.

I believe one should see the work of an artist separated from personally issues. I do not make blog posts just out of friendship and vice versa I should not ignore a good work, just because the artist insulted me and I don’t like this person.

Now replaced by this artwork.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WASP%20Land/118/133/24


ChapTer Kronfeld said...

Thank you Quan for your visit and your report on our joint project.

ChapTer Kronfeld said...

Dear visitors. I have in my installation noticed today, unfortunately very much late, that you cannot see with the following viewer, my 3D run letters. Please do they avoid, following viewer:

Imprudence and Imprudence-beta
Hippo-openSim and
Kirstens S21