Pig Parade Today @Two Fish

Aren’t we all pigs sometimes? Now we can prove:
Eupalinos Ugajin: hello, http://www.flickr.com/photos/eupalinos/6677307799/
Quan Lavender: so Pig Parade tomorrow at 11 am?
Quan Lavender: I have no pig avi ;)
Eupalinos Ugajin: yes around this time, I'll try to be there
Quan Lavender: ok
Eupalinos Ugajin: the important word is parade, a pig is a possible option
Quan Lavender: haha
Eupalinos Ugajin: but you can get some pigs avatars if you want (paid) or mask (free)
Quan Lavender: I will have a look at the Marketplace
Eupalinos Ugajin: you have seen the link under the picture ? (at least for a paid one)
Quan Lavender: ah now, thank you
Eupalinos Ugajin: but any not RL copy shape will be ok

But then I got in my mind, that my very first mesh avatar was a pig from Stray Pig. It is still available as Freebie at the frequently changing Lucky Boards. So my inner pig will have its coming out like that:
Ok, it’s small

Pig Parade, Tuesday 12. at 11 AM SLT
Taxi: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cariacou/100/113/21