New Artist at Pirats Market Place

Pirats is always good for an interesting choice of artists. Yesterday reopened the Market Place Art Gallery with Aneli Abeyante, AmandaT Tamatzui, Briawinde Magic and a new name: HallelujahJones.

The pictures of Hallelujah attracted me strongly. They are beautiful, but also scary and disturbing. I could not stop looking at them. 
I spoke to him:
Quan Lavender:  concrats, these pictures are outstanding, is this your first expo in SL?
HallelujahJones: yes I am fresh on the scene so to speak *lol
Quan Lavender: have you done the works especially for SL?
HallelujahJones: yes i did all these for this event here
Quan Lavender: and you are artist RL too?
HallelujahJones: I dabble a little yes in rl
Quan Lavender: The works are a bit disturbing. Tell me a bit what you want to say here
HallelujahJones: lol well its not me.. its the inner me... part of the story of who i am in sl its what io see behind maybe all the smiles and screns here in sl... let me pass u my bio:
Halleluja Bio
Crash-landed Terradate 28062011...created and hand-reared by state-sponsored scientists, Hallelujah is not accustomed to the privacy of his own thoughts, nor the power of his imagination.  As part of the Collective, thrown headlong towards Singularity, his thoughts and ideas are now his own. ‘We’ is now irreversibly a ‘Me’.  This is how it feels to be Me. This is what I see, - this is Hallelujah Jones.

Quan Lavender: hehe, that explains everything  :P
HallelujahJones: :D   Its always sl and rl... what if sl is or becomes your rl :)
Quan Lavender: which technique do you use actually?  SL photos with photoshop?
HallelujahJones: yes most here are that... but also i can make my own models bend them shape them then photo them and edit them to….there is not rl images up here
Check them out here:
Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/PiRats%20Art%20Network/201/133/22

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