Workshop Today: Create Your Own Coded Movie

One of the many highlights at the Mixed Pixels exhibition at Art India Gallery is the Coded Movies installations by Ataro Asbrink. On the relatively small space Ataro installed several places to sit and to enjoy the scripted movies.

But this technique can be used too to create an overview over an exhibtion or a sim.

Ataro has created HUD's and a note card which allows everyone easily to create own Coded Movies. Today at 2 PM SLT he will explain is a workshop how to apply.


More about Coded Movies:
Coded movies are to be seen while sitting on a prim or wearing a HUD, where a camera script is running. 
You see it on your monitor. 

Coded Movies are movies that are written line by line with a programming language. 
Normally individual scenes of a Machinima are grabbed with Fraps and then joined together with a video editor, 
scene by scene. With Coded Movies it is different. 
You write your screenplay, build in SL all the required elements including the sounds 
and then you code scene by scene with LSL (Linden Scripting Language). 
It looks like this:

    Cameraview(<70, 76, 20>,<71, 78, 20> ); // Regional coordinates
    llSleep(6.0); // This means that you can see the scene for 6 seconds
    and so on, as much views you want.

Subsequently, the film is immediately ready for showing in SL or for streaming on/to a website in RL.

The main difference to normal films is that a coded movie has no individual frames anymore, 
but consists of direct views into SL reality.  While the movie runs, you can even take control of the camera and have a look around on the set; with pressing ESC you return to the current movie. The movie consists of individual elements, each of which can be changed. Furniture, time of day, sky, weather, costumes, everything on the set can be changed at any time, without having to change the programming code.


Coded Movie Workshop today, Sunday at 2 PM SLT

More information here: http://codedmovieworkshop.blogspot.de/p/blog-page_9083.html
Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shekhawati/240/39/34

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