Art India Gallery at Shekhawati Region is celebrating 2 openings at the same time:


Ataro Asbrink, Burk Bode, Cutea Benelli, Draxtor Despres, Kayle Matzerath, Nelson (lordvannagan), Ole Etzel. orlando di strada (gnupf Gufler), Quika Basevi, Sina Souza and WuWai Chun are presenting a big variety of creations made in Second Life.  You may wonder what holds them together - it is their nationality. They are all German. This exhibition is the contribution of Art India Gallery and me as German curator to the "Festival der Liebe" (Festival of Live) this year. FdL is an annually culture festival of the German community in Second Life with events changing every 30 minutes. This year it is running from October 17th to Oct. 21st, first and last day in Metropolis grid, and of course organized with German precision.

See the full schedule here: http://www.sublevel12.de/FdL/FdL2013e.htm
FdL Website: http://www.sublevel12.de/FdL/index.html

I always felt that the German community is weak compared to other nationalities. One could write a lot about the reasons, but one is for sure that many Germans prefer to assimilate with an environment and it might be surprising news with some of them that they are German. I myslef talked with many of them English until we found out and am a bit proud of this show as it proves German creativity.

Ataro Asbrink is presenting all showed installations with his "Coded Movie". Please sit on a "Kafka" chair by by Bauwerk (of course Germans too) and enjoy. Ataro will teach how to apply at every place in a workshop at Sunday, October 27th.

Opening is Thursday, October 17th at 2 PM SLT
featuring DJ Dixie Jefferson (of course German too)

Taxi to Mixed Pixels I: Sadly gone!
Taxi to Mixed Pixels II: Sadly gone!


The region has been undergoing some changing and presents now a variety of Indian inspired fun builds and an INDIA BAZAAR.  All structures are built after RL model or with original Indian prefabs and textures from our store. The palace is a loan by Nepherses Amat, who created it by using our columns and textures for Dark Moon India. Thank you, Neph!

Shekhawati, named after the Indian region which is famous for the rich wall paintings provides many little places to enjoy and to send time with friends. You find rideable elephants, a Flying Carpet Tour Guide, exercise rugs, bellydance, yoga mattresses , pavilions, a lounge, a magic pond with meditation lotus flowers, a dance hall...

The wonderful Relation Tower by Robin Moore is part of the landscaping as artworks by Claudia222 Jewell, elros Tuomimen and Trill Zapatero. Have a walk on Tyrehl Byk's beautiful "Extreme Fire Extinguisher" behind the palace.

The India Bazaar within the large building is new.  Find house decoration, Indian art, Indian textures and tapestry by Caramba, and Indian fashion by Apsara and Lyrical Bizarre. Apsara presents Saris and Kameez in mesh. The collection of Indian dresses by Lyrical Bizarre is new and exclusively available here. All clothes and jewery comes full perm and is adjustable. Bohemian Gipsy shows a collection of ethnic inspired fashion and Glitterati presents Indian gowns and wedding clothes which make every woman an Indian princess and every man a Maharaja.

Taxi to main landing: Sadly gone!
Taxi to Bazaar: Sadly gone!

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