An Art Riddle

Romy Nayar  + Ux Hax

Romy Nayar opened recently a new installation at her an Ux Hax art sim MetaLes: Overto Omonto.

Before you enter the work, click this guy at the landing spot. You will get a note card with a small riddle:

A long, long time ago , we were a happy and prosperous city.
But little by little each one of us was isolating himself, and did not care what happened to others and  finally we could not talk to anyone. Our heart  becomes like stone and we were no longer able to communicate. Some of us could escape this loneliness. But even were a few. Our city needs your help. We have been so many and now were so few, enclosed here....

Save us , please !!!! Each one of us knows a word , that together, Will open the door to freedom, but we are not able to find To help you must find all of us and tell  to everyone a password . We will answer you with the key to decipher the code of the door. Once you have all the words, make a sentence with them and paste in chat in front of the big door magic and make us free!!"

Before you start, you can get a cute vehicle too. Once joined the group, you are able to rezz.

The installation is beautiful and poetic. I love Romy's mesh works!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MetaLES/241/236/22

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