BURN2 Now Open!

Due to the Festival of Love I rarely had time to pre-visit BURN2 and to blog it. The event seems to shrink every year, but I must admit that there are quite e few neat builds. So instead of long words here some photos:

The Man after RL model

Carmsie Melodie

Giovanna Cerise

Jedda Zenovka

Kristali Rabeni

Penelope Parx

sarge 72

Ub Yifu

Ultraviolet Alter

I saw much more interesting installations, but I am afraid you have to look for yourself :)

Here a link to the list and LM of the contributing artists: http://www.burn2.org/
You find there more information as the calendar of the many events,

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Burning%20Man-%20Deep%20Hole/224/92/25

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