Pumpkin Town: Aphrodite

Visiting Pumpkin Town, the items of Aphrodite caught my eyes. All is so detailed and has endless menus.

The Bloody Mary dining room with swinging chandelier has not only a huge menu of spooky and funny animations...

...every plate has a huge menu of dishes from appetizer to sweets and drinks, all perfectly fitting to the Halloween theme.

The skull I found at Boudoir, the side table plus decoration is the "Immortal Lovers Romantic Addon Table. Don't take romantic too literally, all is quite spooky.

The living room is the "Back Rose" Couple Gothic Living Room, again with many animations. I like the rezzers which allow to place and adjust the set at once. Once finished, you can adjust each single item.

A highlight is the kitchen. Ok, it has seen better days....

...but the animations and the rezzing props caused much fun and laughter when I took the photos. That was the first human foot I ever cooked.

I like the nice couple animations.

My skin is taken from one of the hunt gifts at Pumpkin town, which was actually a whole avatar with shape and clothes.

After nice home cooking in the kitchen we tried the "Immortal Lovers" Dining Table for 2 and died laughing trying the animations and dishes. Our choice must have been poisoned. And for dessert I had a surprise for him...

...I  left him. His punch was the right drink to come over it ;)

The Mansion I furnished is Hackberry Hall, also to be found as DarkDharma HaUnTeD Manor here. Another great place to visit and to get in Halloween mood.

My favorites in my setting are the sweet Gargoyles (also found at Aphrodite) which once clicked get glowing eyes and show teeth.

Teleport to Pumpkin Town: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Boutou/189/217/26
You find the Aphrodite shop at the left side of the entrance area.

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