I am a Berliner now - Invitation to Housewarming + Show

Living at the countryside is nice, but can be a bit boring in wintertime. Therefore we decided to have a mansard apartment in Berlin too. It was not easy to furnish with limited possibilities. Our landlord does not allow more than 35 prims for our small place under the roof.

Friedrichstrasse 7, next to the Volksbad

The apartment has no bathroom, just a toilet at the stairwell. But next to the house is the Volksbad, where we always can take a bath or a shower.

But we wanted to invite all our friends to a housewarming Party at Saturday, October 26th . Although it is small, the living room furniture are dernier cri: Art Deco. Shocking! I will place my cool gramophone with songs from Shanghai and serve drinks. I hope our landlord will not fire us right away. But we invite our neighbors too.


We should be then in the right mood for Berlin's most scandalous night club, the Eldorado to see a show of the Flapperettes. Let's have a wild party!

It could become late, therefore you might prefer to book a hotel for that night. Right around the corner is the famous Hotel Adlon to the left of the Brandenburger Tor. Book an exquisite room there for just a night or longer. That allows you too to rez a car. We already had a luxurious dinner there.

Adlon Dinner

Here some information about Berlin's nightlife:

How to get to my apartment: The address is Friedrichstrasse 7D, right under the roof. Arriving at the Hauptbahnhof (train station for those who come from foreign countries) you hop into the tram. The next stop is Friedrichstrasse/Volksbad right in front of our house. Or you just follow the rails to left once you left the Hauptbahnhof. The Eldorado ist not far either, we will walk there later.


Housewarming Party: 1 PM SLT
Flapperettes Show:    2 PM SLT

Almost sunrise in Berlin

Important notes: Please have in mind that Berlin1920 is a RP sim. That means you have to downsize your avatar to realistic size and to wear appropriate clothes. Freebies are provided at the landing spot or you can go shopping at the shopping area in front of the RP sim. Inappropriate avatars will be removed.
If you feel you would need some help regarding the outfit, please feel free to contact me. Please have in mind too that flying and doubleclick is not possible. You have to walk into the train station and to sit in the train to get into the RP area.

I know, some preparation is needed, but you will be repaid with a special experience of the Roaring 20s! We are waiting for you!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/1920s%20Berlin/248/228/751

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