Are you ready for Halloween?

...that asked me today an English friend. All Anglophones might be surprised now, but your culture is not everywhere. In Germany Halloween has no tradition, although it changed a bit in the last 2 decades due to  influence of American soaps and movies.

Pumpkin Cider Tray, Autumn Centerpiece with Autumn Leaves,  "Autumn Dessert" Crispy Pumpkin Ice, Frozen Pumkin Cheesecake, all items found at Aphrodite

But of course, I like seasonal decoration too and nobody can escape the joy of Halloween in Second Life. Isn't the table decoration nice?

Heart Homes Autumn porch set for outdoor by Aphrodite

The Heart Autumn porch set with fireplace in the center is a perfect place to sit with friends in Autumn. Enjoying the beautiful set I got a Halloween subscriber gift of G Field: A cute dress with cat ears and tail.

*GF* 2013 Halloween Cat Dress, subscribe to get the gift

Yes, I am ready for Halloween :)

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