Dream of India

The sim Shekhawati is named after a region in India with the same name. It is famous for the rich paintings especially at Havelis, private mansions. If you are interested in seeing more of Shekhawati, I found here a free eBook with 51 pages full of images and information. All textures and prefabs used inworld are from our prefab stores and created after RL model. They make the special spirit of this place in Second Life, which is dedicated to art and explorers. Come and take a tour!

The bridal and groom outfits are from  Glitterati by Sapphire. Of course the fun is only perfect with the right outfit. The new India Bazaar offers beautiful clothes which make the dream of an Indian fairytale true.

The collumns of the dance hall are creatd in mesh after RL and are available in the prefab store. My outfit is Ajala by Lyrical Bizarre.

...as well as the collumns for the Buddha temple. I am wearing a Kameez plus pants and scarf by Apsara.

Flying Carpet

A rest in the Elephant Lounge. My dress is Charu Gold by Lyrical Bizarre.

Playing Rebab in the Palace
My outfit is Charu in mauve by Lyrical Bizarre
For Bellydance click the pink ball
My skirt: Bohemian Gipsy

Have a look at the India Bazaar and check the fashion, jewelry, decoration, textures and images.

This beautiful outfit is my own mix of Charu Red and Ajala by Lyrical Bizarre. Since all items of Lyrical Bizarre are full perm and come with textures, you can create your own style.

The shoulder elephant is part of a Freebie only available in the India Bazaar

All photos taken at Shekhawati, all clothes available in the India Bazaar:
Taxi: sadly gone

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