Sneak Preview: Atari

Atari ( あたり) is known as creator of the first computer games. The name is derived from a Japanese word and means "to hit the target".  It is used in Japanese also for old console games and when a prediction comes true.

As I stated in may post about Aneli Abeyante's exhibition at Galleria Mexico structures are, as nice as they are, a challenge for the artists and more than once I saw them dominating the art. So I was curious how Betty Tureaud would solve it. In her typical playful style she recreated on 2 levels a colorful simple video game. Don't miss to walk on or sit on the pyramid at the 2nd floor and see what happens.

I would say Atari! She made it!

Make sure to have the viewer on daylight and have sound enabled.

Opening Sunday, September 29th at 11.45 AM SLT!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ometeotl/94/186/33

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