Show starting today: Fallen Leaves

I just got the invitation to this show and the photos hasn't taken by me. But since at least one name of the cast sounds familiar to me I think I can recommend this show without preview and assure you great entertainment with excellent dance scenes:

“Leaves,  in an act of faith,  let go of the tree...”

Let us invite you inside our gypsy camp, adorned by the vivid colours of an autumnal forest. We will take you on a journey of faith in the face of adversity, strength through personal trust and love in its purest essence. When Gunari, is torn between duty to his clan and the love of his heart, what will he choose?

The Spirit Light Dance Company performs Fallen Leaves, a story of courage and self determination told in a dance drama format."

The 90 minutes Dance Drama starts today at 1 PM SLT. Please show up early as seating is limited and  prime your computer for enhanced viewing experience.

Here are the scheduled show times:

September 8th    -  1pm SLT  -  TODAY
September 15th  – 1 pm SLT
September 22nd  – 1 pm SLT
September 29th   – 1 pm SLT

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LunaMar%20Performing%20Arts/185/215/3065

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