Back in Second Life: Relation Tower

Sadly great artworks are much to short displayed in Second Life. I think it is good to bring them back from time to time. Art India Gallery is happy to host works of Robin Moore, especially the Relation Tower. This meaningful work has been exhibited only once in Second Life. We hope that many guests will enjoy exploring the interactive work and will be inspired to think about their own relationships.

Quan Lavender:  The relation tower is about all the compromises that build up a relationship. When you placed the works at Art India, have the meaning of the works changed or do you had new insights?

Robin Moore: I think that it´s more or less the same meaning, I just think that we need more artists to build with storys attach. But maybe I just haven't seen them.

Quan Lavender: Agreed!

Robin Moore: But I think the themes of the "Relation Tower" are more important than ever! It seems that people all over the world are only thinking of themselves, and are not in a dialogue with others that have a different meaning than them :-)

Quan Lavender: Do you think that has changed? Buddha said 2000 years ago that all beings just want to be happy. That what has changed is that a consumer society gives the impression that all is to get fast and easy.

Robin Moore: Yes, everyone just wants to be happy. But they think that they can be happy if they have lots of goods. But there are many ways to live your life and be happy, for example if you can turn your enemy to a friend.

Quan Lavender: Do you think that SL influences our view on ourself and our relationships to others? And have your learned about your own behaviour too?

Robin Moore: I have found out about relations in SL, that you have to very precise in what you write and says, because we miss many signals and you have to ask if you do not understand. Even though we feel each other easy trough the net, we can easy get to be miss understood. Words do not say everything, you miss body language and tone. And here I feel that if you promise to be here a a specific time, and RL does that you can't be here the partner will sit and wait, and get all kinds of thoughts, maybe for the wrong reason. So I try not to make any agreement on a specific time. So that means that you should not just think that you know what a person means and you do not understand what goes on, you have to ask what it means.

Quan Lavender: Often we think we know what's going on and we are wrong, because imagination replaces perception.

Robin Moore: Yes exactly. So I have decided, I do not expect anything, I´m only glad when the other is with me, cause that means that she wants to be with me and that feels good. The time we are together I try to enjoy fully but let the other also do what has to be done, not expecting to be together all day long. That means making space for the partner, not to sit on her.

Quan Lavender: Thank you for these insights, I am sure the visitors will be inspired to think about their relationships exploring the Relation Tower.

ColeMarie Soleil made this machinima at the Relation Tower when it has been displayed at Nordan Art.. The music is her own performance with Owsey: "Imagine That" Great too!

Please join us for the opening at  Art India Gallery
 Friday, September 06th 2013 at 2PM SLT
 Friday, September 13th 2013 at 2PM to 4PM

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