Opening Party: Stories and Love Songs

Now its time to open the Relation Tower with an official party! In any world, either virtual or real relationships are an essential part of our life. Quite a few try to escape the dramas and challenges of relationships in Second Life, but of course that is impossible as there is always the same person behind, with the same experiences and emotions. Therefore SL is a good place to think about and the Relation Tower gives us a lot of ideas of all the needs of partners to feel comfortable and as well the needs of all the things that has to be done day by day. The challenge is not to forget about the love and to give her room. I encourage you to climb up the tower and to enjoy all the little hints. Find here my interview with Robin Moore about his work.

But Art India Gallery hosts too a big choice of his Pictoramas around the dance hall. Today I talked with Robin about them:

Quan Lavender: You create Diramas for some years already. What was the basic idea to use this form? What inspired you?

Robin Moore: At first it was to create the depth with layers, and to use the things that we have in SL compared to RL. In RL I have been making 2D/3D collages, with all kinds of stuff, and like to play with the depth, and also watch the whole image like a sculpture. In my RL job I work with designing sets for the entertainment business, that could be the reason why the "Diaramas" have a puppet theater look. Both in RL and SL, I always try to tell a story or a feeling, I love when other artists do that too. It’s nice when there are something for the mind too, sometimes with a twinkle in the eye, and then of course I also like to ?
make a nice composition. At the time, when these "Diaramas" came about, I was trying to find a way to express myself in SL, and found out that I always ended up using way too many prims. And knowing how prims count, you will know that you can’t show art or have art at home if it’s not low prim. Yet I was looking for a way to make something 3D-ish.

One day I was building in SL and I was trying to save prims by making a frame of a cube by hollowing it, and then putting a flat prim with a picture in the frame. I wanted to make more than just one flat image, I mean here in SL we have many options, so why stick to a flat image. So I tried to put another prim inside and made it half transparent. It was then I found the potentials of using many flat images in front of each other, to make a 3D feeling when you move the camera. The ideas for the content came to me one by one, as I discovered what I could do with the textures, and learned how to build. Since then I have only made the "Pictoramas" more complex, used alpha textures, and scripts and refined them.  (This answer has been taken from an interview of Flora Nordenskjold who left SL sadly.)

Quan Lavender: You said you would wish more artworks with meanings. All your works have a meaning, sometimes tricky to decipher, sometimes very personal.  I only can recommend every visitor to ask you for a guided tour. Would you please so kind to name 2 or 3 works that you like a lot and explain our readers he meaning?

Robin Moore: Yes I would like to describe some of the works:

1. "MAyBY"

It´s only with words, it is a fabulation over if we could give the things we didn't get, in a way flip the coin. So that we could be pattern breakers, and to give others what we are missing. Like if I needed love I could give it to others, and after some time we would all have love. Instead of as I see many do, if they dont get love they would give out hate.

2. "Tree Box eye knowledge"

It´s about the substitute that Television is to us. We tend to see programs that only are entertainment with no contents, like sports, Royal stuff, game shows ezc. getting more and more nom, and the things that really matter we do not see, like the climate chances, the poverty, polution etc. And if the power shuts down, we can break the glass and use the baby pacifier.

3.  "The Weight of ..."

Is about how we try to change ourselves, to be like we think the person we love likes there lover to be.
it could be hair style, clothes, or as in this case muscles. The frog loves the girl in the picture and by mistake he thinks that she likes muscle men, therefore he is doing weight lifts.

And then he runs after her...

Quan Lavender:  Awwhh, the little foot prints in the ground! And maybe he has no chance because she has a complete different idea of the ideal man. A good reminder that it is essential to talk about thee needs and expectations. But is there a work that the visitors use to like a lot? And if, do you have an idea why?

Robin Moore: Yes, it's "Skydrama" wich many people like, and I think it´s the feel of it, it´s like the landscape pictures we have in RL, it makes you rest and it´s a nice composition.

Quan Lavender: I like this work too. It is so relaxing to watch. So, what are your future plans? Are you working on something?

Robin Moore: At the moment I´m working on a build about all the substitutes we use. And I´m trying to learn how to make simple mesh in Blender.

But first we will have a great party at Art India Gallery. And fitting to the "Relation Tower" the motto is LOVE SONGS with DJ Everest Piek.

Opening Party Friday, September 13th, 2-4 PM SLT!

Taxi: sadly gone

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