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Designer United 5 : Surrealism

Designers United again has a great theme for a sales event of many kinds of objects and apparel. The list of perticipating creators sounds like a who is who in Second Life. I popped in for the really realistic gramophone which I added already to my musicbox collection at Musiclandia.

The gramophone plays 4  old songs from Flapper era in Shanghai. I wish I could add it to our new tiny 35 prim apartment in Berlin1920. But I am afraid that our rigid landlady will not allow 11 prims of music in her house. Anyway, I plan a housewarming party soon and hope that she will make an exception this day :)

But back to Designer United. Due to heavy lag I just took a photo but I really recommend this event. I saw some great items and will check them the next days. Alone the surrealistic house by Charlotte Bartlett is worth a look. The event is open until October 4th. To see more aobut the designers and goods:

Indian Summer

The last time has been busy for me and I almost forgot to blog this bench and lamp posts from Atelier Visconti. And now I got a message that the current Designer Warehouse closes in 4 days. Stephan Visconti is a great designer of highly detailed furniture with low prims and almost endless numbers of single and couple animations. I decided to show the double lantern as one of the 4 variations. The perfect decoration for the last days of summer and first days of autumn!

The Marquis Market opened yesterday with the theme Indian Summer. Several designers took the theme literally and created Indian inspired items. I could not resist the Indian Fashion from Lavanda Chic and the cushions from Mia Snow. This event is open until September 28th.

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