Autumn Melancholy

Great fun for me is redecorating my 1/4 Homestead for every new season. And here I can change the house too! The Farnsworth House waited since summer to be rezzed, but then I found a pink cottage at 'Home and Garden Expo' and pink had to be placed in Summer. I blogged it here. Once finished for the blog photos I found it so cute that I had to move to my home. And this house is great in Autumn too!

This structure is a rebuilt of a real weekend house, created by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and built around 1950. It is said that Mies van der Rohe invested thousands of hours in the creation and the house is regarded as the model of all glass houses. The owner was not happy with the result and I think I understand now why.

Once rezzed on my land I felt the enormous strength of the creation. It is a piece of timeless art. Everything is so perfect that I found it hard to furnish. Kendrah Zaurak, owner of Fanatik and the creator of the mesh house obviously invested lots of work as well. It is great in every detail. The structure had in original size only 27 prims. I enlarged it a bit to my SL needs and it has now 33 prims, still great!

The Farnsworth house is like a spoiled diva, it invites only the best to move it and it was not easy to conquer and make it my own house. I had to follow partly the original furnishing, nothing else worked and ended up in buying a lot of design classics.

As art collector and blogger I have a large collection of artworks. Most of them stay sadly in my inventory and it is always fun to place the works in addition to the houses. (Bye, bye to all the artists who defriend me now^^, Many of you see art as standalone and hate to become house decoration with their works. But this is how average people like me enjoy art.) The sculpture"Sun of Mondrian" is created by Sledge Roffo. Placing this my melancholy started. Sledge has left Second Life. Some works - and I think not his best - are to be found in Gallery Studio33. Buying this statue I met and made friend with Cecilia Delacroix, who passed away in Summer. Find my post here. Cecilia has/had a huge, if not complete collection of Sledge Roffo's art in her Campus d'Art. Nobody knows when her Museum will vanish. So better go today to see it!

For the living room I found a scripted work in my inventory, "Lyoke"  by Harter Fall with slowly changing cubist patterns in green. Harter is creative director of Madpea and his art gallery vanished. But at least you still can ask him in case of interest.

It's funny, but more or less it is always the same works that find their place in and around my home. I think I never had a house in SL without an image by Fiona Leitner. Some of her works gladly are to be found at Gallery Studio 33 and in her own gallery. I am very happy that Fiona encouraged by her success in Second Life now sells her digital art in RL too. At the right side you see "Fracture", the first artwork I ever bought in SL and I still love it. Snaptick Laxness and his work vanished from the grid too.

This sculpture is one of my favourites. It constantly grows different granite statues which fade to invisible. The genius Gleman Jun is currently not in SL but hopes to be back soon. Luckily his gallery is still up with almost all of his works. You really should have a look. Who knows if he really comes back or the gallery vanish forever?

Edward Vintner cannot come back, he passed away in 2011. This statue is strong by its simplicity of 5 slowly moving, color changing prims and therefore a perfect match to the house. Luckily Gallery Graine still sells his works and some items can be found at the Marketplace.

Besides the creator of "Gem's Fractal Pyramids", Gem Preiz, all artists here have left Second Life: HallelujahJones, Numero5, Arubella Porthos and Feathers Boa. Feathers had a sale of her works before she left, so I think many collectors will own lots of her works as I do too.

Another 2 great artists which are lost: Claudia222 Jewell is still around but does not create anymore. Since she never sold there will be not many copies of her works in the grid. You find some of her pieces here, take the TP at the landing spot
The creator of the "Final Rose", Igor Ballyhoo has left SL and since he never sold his works too, there should be not much around anymore. Three large installations, "Metamorphosis", "Forest of Scissors" and "Axis Mundi" are still to be seen here (take the TP's at the landing spot) and you really should go and see. When the place vanish the works will be lost forever.

All these creators has been pioneers of virtual art. Its sad to see so many vanish. I usually blog the positive, new artists, new istallations and new works. But we really should think about the preservation too.

I was too lazy to list all the creators of the furnishing and 40 artworks in house and garden. In case you are interested in anything or want to have a look, please IM me and I am happy to invite you.

Gallery Graine: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blue%20Curacao/91/37/21
Gallery Gleman Jun: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hazel/7/151/1578
Gallery Studio33: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife//216/72/22
Campus d'Art: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Schwanson%20Schlegel/59/149/24
Gallery Fiona Leitner: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rainbows%20End/32/31/3802
Fanatik: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/FANATIK/128/128/22


Graine Macbain said...

Thank you, Quan, for purchasing one of Edward Vintner's (best) pieces, for displaying it prominently at your lovely SL home, and for mentioning my gallery where it can be seen and purchased. Monday, September 30th will be the second anniversary of his death, and I will continue to exhibit his works as long as I am in SL, or RL allows me. I am extremely aware of the fragile link between the two, as the roster of other great SL artists who you mention who are no longer with us in SL.
But I remain cautiously optimistic about SL. Talented artists continue to show up, often when least expected.Not only that, but have many of us found a creative home here denied us elsewhere, and many great friends we would have never met otherwise keep us logging back in.
Thank you again!

Gedenspire said...

splendid article!

Gleman Jun said...

Oh Quan. My gallery continues to run without me: it pays taxes of Linden automatically from sales. It is probably one of my best pieces: it is like a living being of pixels that fight to survive. ahahha


Quan Lavender said...

Great to hear Gleman and I hope that my post helps to keep the gallery. But even more I hope that you soon will be back :)