Artist Collaboration: House of Memories

A collaborative sim installation called "House of Memories" opened recently at Space4Art and has been created by the artists Almut Brunswick, Haveit Neox, Lilia Artis & Moeuhane Sandalwood. I already presented the glass house by Moe Sandalwood before it was finished.

It looks so innocent, but the title "The Shadow of a Nightmare past" has a reason. The work is highly interactive. Walkn in every room, click all and enjoy.

Lilia Artis presents "The Past is not Past is not Past ...". The house is a symbol for a persons memories which always be with us and never can be lost or hidden completely.

“the backyard” by Haveit Neox is quite colorful compared to his usual works and refers to his favourite place back in childhood.

At the landing spot you can have a seat in Almut Brunwick's contribution "Tracks of Life" and travel from work to work. It connects the installations and makes us aware that life is not always the shortest way between two spots. It is Almut's first steps as artist in Second Life and I hope that she will move on. She is known for her Blender tutorials, to be seen here. People with her qualities are an enrichment.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Space%204%20Art/141/131/27

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Moeuhane Sandalwood said...

Thank you very much, Quan! Glad you liked our work. Cheers, Moe