Another Post Dedicated to Machinima

Again I saw some great machinima created in Second Life which I want to share with you.

MetaSex by Tutsy Navarathna expresses some thruths about reality in our Second Life shown in beautiful pictures.

I have written about "Wandering off the points" by Simotron Aquila. The machinima has been taken there and tells a nice story:

And not to forget the machinima which has been taken in the 4 "Invisible Cities":

"Eudoxia" by Fuschia Nightfire, built by Marcus Inkpen. I like the athmosphere that Fuschia has created here:

"Armilla" by Hypathia Pickens, built by Romy Nayar, Leona Mhia, Ux Hax :

"Esmeralda" by Spiral Silverstar, built by Rebeca Bashly:

"Isaura" by NicoleX Moonwall, built by Lanjiran Choche + Morlita Quan

Visit the "Invisible Cities" and "Wandering off the point" before they close around mid of March. Links are to be found in the posts.

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