Last Minute Panic Part 3: PICO PICO LIFE

 “It's a pixelated candy world :))”, said Jeet Kling seeing Mikati Slade's latest work which opened yesterday. I had a strong funfair feeling. Mikati Slade is heavily inspired by Japanese pop style. And in her new PICO PICO LIFE she is caught up in the influence of classic computer games. The whole installation is a game whit the goal to score points by touching big hearts
Mikati Slade in front of the entrance
Once you enter the game, you will be followed by "Mimi" as pet, which counts your collected hearts. But beware of the skulls! Mikati has integrated her recently very successful installation KURU KURU World, which is about war, destruction and hope. This time you are requested here too to diligently collect hearts.
At the end there is a high score board where you will not find my name, as I am not an experienced gamer. Don’t forget to take at the starting point you gift; a colorful hat in the same design as the game. The hat has a special gimmick. Collide with other avatars, and you will see. Simply sweet!
Suitable for the installation is on Saturday 9. at 6 pm SLT a party with Japanese electro pop and the DJ team FREAK GIRL!


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