London Mayfair in Mesh

 Dear reader, if you reach a sim and it looks like this:
Mesh non enabled
...it is not the result of an artist who went nuts, but it is the sign of new times dawning  in Second Life. This great sim is done completely in mesh.  
Mesh Viewer
It is a replica of London's exclusive Mayfair district with stunningly realistic textures. The sim is home to the fashion of Celoe and Montissu. And it also shows the advantage of mesh
The old shop of Montissu was on a sim with a lot of sculpts and I always had bad lag. Mesh rez much faster. Mayfair SL is a Mecca for fashionistas and SL photographers.
Taking a taxi (Stylecard)

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Pixie Rain said...

By coincidence, I have just returned home after visiting an RL art gallery in Mayfair (albemarlegallery.com)

I'll now go over and see the SL mesh-built version now!

Thanks for the tip :)