Bryn's Giants

The LEA Avatar Games last year has been a good success will have a sequel this year. It has been built by Bryn Oh on 2 sims. The audience sim stays and the contestant’s sim will be redesigned but got in the meantime a new face.

Do you see the white spot on the cube? That's me
It is a huge room with 2 persons. They are that huge that I felt like an ant. But as always with Bryn's works the built is as well incredibly subtle and has as well delicate structures.

There is a lot to discover. Enjoy!
The work will be inworld for about 1 month. 
After that it will be time for the next LEA Avatar Games.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA3/36/30/0

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Vaneeesa said...

Incredible Quan, thank you!