Fuschia goes Mesh

Fuschia Nightfire impresses me again and again with her versatility. And everything she does is done brilliant. Whether RL drawings or paintings, murals and in SL 3D works and machinima. No wonder that she won many prizes. She can make even clothing and her avatar is always worth a closer look.
So to me it was clear that she also will work with mesh. These horses are her first mesh works. She has combined them in an interesting way with other techniques. Fantastically beautiful is as well the glass piano.

Open only until 9 April!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hollywood%20Beach/53/9/2201

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Unknown said...

No surprise seeing Fuschia finding an artistic way to use Mesh. Love the piano and she has a knack for horses. Striking in B & W.