Sneak Preview - Blue Tsuki: Adagio

It's time for new installations at Split Screen. I do not know yet when it will open officially, but I know that Blue Tsuki already has finished his installation. And I had not immediately recognized the work as done by him. "No chairs :))" he said, laughing
But with a wonderful meditative, Mediterranean flair. The local sounds from the vases are giving a dreamy ambience. I especially liked the play of colors in the water movements.
Blue Tsuki commented: „I wanted to create a piece that was a more passive environment, one that did not have my usual figurative references and animations.”



Dividni Shostakovich said...

Scooped again! :-D

"Adagio," and Alizarin Goldflake's "Acquarella: After the Apocalypse," officially open on 1 Apr.

Thanks, Quan!

Dividni Shostakovich, Split Screen curator

Betty Tureaud said...

No chairs :)) ha ha Blue :D