Great Art And Beautiful Lamps At The Same Time!

In the “most beautiful sewers of SL”, as she means, Trill Zapatero has placed the great exhibition: "Fuse" Recently, she built beautiful lamps. These little marvels are wonderful colorful and make you simply feel better.
They are not assigned to any particular style, hence the name 'Fuse Enlightment'. The lamps are combination of many different and unsusual items. Therefore they fit into many interior designs. I now have two in my house and love them. But you can as well set up outside the house. A friend said seeing them: "I want to live in a city with such street lamps!" Yes! The people would walk through the streets with a smile.
Trill defines her approach like that: " My design challenge is to  design in a way that has a more poetic, spiritual and ethical foundation. I want to create something meaningful that communicates a message.  I believe designers have the ability to affect the future of our culture and our environment perhaps even more than politicians....The lamps even have a political message. I’m challenging myself bring seemingly incredibly disparate elements into a synergistic relationship with each other." You find an overview of all lamps in that nice online book: http://issuu.com/trillz/docs/fuse
I am wearing of course BoHo HoBo

The lamps have a resize menu and really affordable prices. The best is to see them inworld. Walk down the staircase in front of Trill’s wonderful fashion store BoHo HoBo. On that occasion, you should also click on the subscriber board in front of the shop, you will get beautiful earrings. As always, any Linden will directly be passed to RAWA, the Afghan women's organization.


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