Music was my First Love...

...this wonderful song of John Miles came into my mind when I started to write about Musiclandia. First of all Second Life is a visual medium. But actually sounds and music are an important part of an immersive virtual experience.

Livio Korobase is running with friends a radio station and a music club in SL.But he had visions. Inspired by Disney's Silly Symphonies and especially "Music Land" the Italian wanted to create a music land in Second Life and applied for a LEA sim.

And he did fast and great. Musiclandia is a land to enjoy, explore and create music. For example in Moby visitors find a drum machine. Livio: "I saw some people loose hours here because the drum machine is really a drum machine, you can play in real time and at morning I come see the sequences that people have created. I like this very much."

Livio prepared several note cards which are provided in the different areas. They contain landmarks to skyboxes, but also information and inspirational texts like this:

Feathers and Kites

You are the guitar, and this whole vast universe is the music.
I am at the most just a passage for the music to reach to the guitar. That's why you don't see my guitar—because you don't see yourself.
Who are you? On whom am I playing my music? You hear my words and you also hear my silences, and naturally you feel a certain music surrounding me.
That music is your response, your love, your trust.
I don't know singing…I am a song. I don't know singing—you will have to sing in me. You will have to allow yourself to be totally available to me.
You can dance and it will be my dance.
You can sing and it will be my song.
You can play on instruments, but your fingers will be in synchronicity with me, and I am in synchronicity with the whole. So it is just formal to say that you are my songs, that you are my music. I am just a small passage; the beyond comes through me to your eyes.
And because it is of the beyond it has a tremendous capacity to transform you.
Osho talks about Music

In one of the notecards I could read that music is some kind of therapy too. And therefore here a piece of therapy for you, proved by me in several kinds of bad mood:

Tha last sentence in the video is a quote of philosopher Friedrich Nietsche: "Without music life would be a mistake."

Go to Musiclandia, take your time to explore and try the installations. Give the sounds their time to load and and enjoy the wonderful world of music in Second Life. This installation is fun for all visitors and an inspiration for every artist and builder.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA11/229/195/22

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