Bogon Flux is back!

Monday claimed the artists in residence of round 5 at LEA the sims. Eupalinos Ugajin took the chance to invite a build that everyone should have seen: The Bogon Flux, built by Blotto Epsilon and Cutea Benelli. This installation is the predecessor of the famous Petrovski Flux at Spencer Art Museum, which is regarded by many as the best installation in Second Life. The principle of both is a cluster of devices that grow, assembling themselves from modular units, only to blow apart and rebuild themselves. But Bogon Flux is "more silly and more to discover", as Cutea commented today.

Taken from Eupalinos' Flickr

In case you don't know how to move in the structure, refer to the hieroglyphics board or read the added text:

for the hieroglyphics-challenged, the
lower toob apertures have teleports to
assist with climbing. to descend, you're
on your own, and navigation is just

If you want to know more about the work, please read the book  "Everything you never wanted to know about Bogon Flux". You find it in front of the entrance and you can take you copy. To give you short summary the story: Cutea and Blotto had to much beer while building and the structure decided to grow itself. We only can hope that it does not decide to cover all LEA sims.

Cutea changed for the reopening from beer to champagne. You see me wearing the safety helmet.

If you dare to visit LEA20, please consider the recommendation of host Eupalinos Ugajin: "Wear your helmet!" The safety helmet is provided too in front of the entrance.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA20/79/85/28

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