Mechanical Circus is Back with a Birthday Cake

 Under the sky of dull gray, the world will continue to march slowly.
    Toward to the future such as ancient. .
    Circus goes Between the prayer and science
    With passion, coasting, diligence, laziness and all emotions.
    Dreaming machines are faithful to destiny.
    "Works for life"
    The sorrow landed as pouring rain,
    The joy is stroking cheeks like the wind blows,
    The  hatred blooms like a flower,
    The love follows as the sound of the waves.
    Can you hear the fanfare of blessing?
    Your circus has came...

Good news! The Mechanical Circus  found a new home for August. Even those who have seen it will be glad to have the chance to explore it more. There are so many details to see! And the gift avatar is available too at the landing spot:

Hypatia Pickens did a great machinima in the installation. Enjoy:

Open all August!
Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ponkotsu/116/126/23

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