Gallery Hopping With Opening Today

The Rose Gallery presents as usually a huge variety of artists. At my last visit especially this exhibition caught my eyes.

Molly Bloom: Alter Ego

"Alter Ego" is the exhibit now presented at The Rose Gallery. Second Life allows a person to look through the lens of their alter ego. This exhibit is a celebration of those people that come here to be cowboys, warriors, philosophers, lovers and adventurers, and in the process learn something about themselves.  Their flesh crystallizes and morphs as they live their fantasies.  Our vast cerebral adventure awaits us and our human bodies release the rush of the whole range of human emotion." 

I think the exhibition is a good inspiration to try out more roles in Second Life. Nice idea and nice scenes!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Angel%20Manor/65/147/29

GERNOT: Bizarre

"Gernot draws and paints his bizarre characters mostly with a wink of the eye but with technical seriousness and passion."

To me this art is another example of how women are more seen solely as objects nowadays, but I admit they are really good. Worth to be seen.

More about the artists here: http://www.gernot-illustration.de/

Opening today, 1-3 SLT at Tart Gallery:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bloom%20County/240/154/24

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