ART in HATS - HATS in ART Visitors Contest: The Winners

ART in HATS – HATS in ART took place at Art India Gallery in June and July:

Designers, artists and photographers joint for an exciting event: new, exclusive hats from the best SL fashion brands, photographed for an exhibition that shows together hats and photo artpieces.

For the visitors contest has been provided a simple Fedora hat copy/mod and the contestants has been asked to decorate the hat and to take a photo.

The winners has been found by public voting and a judging panel.

The judges has been:

Anna Sapphire – Model and Fashion Editor at AVENUE MAGAZINE

Chirzaka Vlodovic – Owner and creator of LODE HEADWAER

Melusina Parkin – Photo artist and CEO of MEB Fashion

Quan Lavender – Blogger and curator of Art India Gallery

The prizes are:

1. Vouchers to AVENUE Models Academy about 3.000, 2.000 and 1.000 Linden

2. Linden Prizes about 3.000, 2.0000 and 1.000 Linden donated by Medley Arts, Veekay Navaratha

3. A huge box of hats donated by the designers of the show

The voting gave a clear result. Place one  was No 1 at public voting too and goes to:


Astralia won 3.000 Linden, a voucher for AVENUE Models Academy about 3.000 Linden and a huge hat box!

Two works got the same amount of votes, so we have two second places.

Congratulations to:

Joint 2nd prize: MOKI YUITZA

Joint 2nd prize: DAISY EBERDENE

Both won 1.5000 Linden, an AVENUE Models Academy Voucher about 1.500 Linden and a hat box!


ART in HATS was much work but even more fun. Maybe there will be another Art / Fashion event next year. I still have ideas...

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