Bored in Second Life? Impossible With The Best Tour Guide!

The rich variety of build and events in Second Life lives mainly from all the busy people who have fun to create and share with others.

Anne-Elisabeth Jane (lockedfeast Resident) is one of them. She is not only P/A of Soraya Vaher, CEO of the high fashion brand Violator. Anne. Elisabeth is creator of


This Directory of landmarks comes in five chapters:

✍ Shopping
✍ Build/Make
✍ Adult
✍ Vanilla SIMs (General interest)
✍ HOWTO/Newbie/Freebie

The Directory is free and will be updated once every other month beginning in August 2013.  It carries no advertising or sponsorship. If the date listed is older than the previous month, this edition is probably obsolete.  For a current edition, corrections  or if you have LMs that should be in this directory please contact Anne-Elisabeth (lockedfast Resident)."

I know which huge amount of work is behind the constant updating of Landmarks. Anne-Elisabeth deserves a biiiig thank! Buy the directory for zero Linden at the marketplace.

The sim I am blogging here is a recommendation of Anne-Elisabeth. Angelfall Castle is a private sim, but the owner shares the great place and allows publice acces. Especially the castle, built by Romeu Tomsen is spectacular!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Diovania/115/18/22