Berlin1920s is Growing!

Every nation has symbols of painful memories in the history. For my country one of them is the Brandenburger Tor, which I saw for the first time in my life behind a wall:

It is hard to explain how the feelings has been to walk through it. I so respect and appreciate the work of Jo Yardley and all others in Berlin1920 to create a Berlin with historical correctness. But is was always a bit disturbing to me that the Brandenburger Tor is placed at the sim border. But again, historically it is right. Because the part of the city behind the Brandenburger Tor has been a separated town until 1920.

But nevertheless it is good news that Berlin1920 opens a new homestead as park sim Tiergarten. To me it makes Berlin complete. The Tiergarten is planned a s residential sim and as far as I know there a still some parcels available. A great occasion for those, who appreciate a RP place with serious historical approach. In case you miss the the famous Victory Column in Tiergarten...that is correct too. This monument has been moved in 1939 by the Nazis to the current place. The Nazis had many roots in esoteric movements and practiced geomancy (the Western style of Feng Shui, sadly since centuries forbidden by the Catholic Church and has been practised therefore as secret science and is almost forgotten) for their builds. The Tiergarten is a power point and the Nazis wanted to enhance the monument, which is decorated with 60 canon  gun barrels won in 3 wars as a symbol of Germany's military power by placing it as part of a power line.

Opening with party today at 12 PM SLT! Don't forget to be dressed properly in 1920s appearal. Freebies are available at the landing spot.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/1920s%20Berlin/237/232/751

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