YAY - Food Fair

Ham Dinner: Pilot @ Food Fair

Aren't it the cute, useless items which make  our daily life in SL so nice and fun? I know, many of my artist friends are standing all the time on their building platforms and do not get how people can freak out about a bunch of virtual flowers or a virtual toilet. But I do!

Culprit Dotty Coffee and Cake Set

When I received the advertising about the food fair of course I could not resist. The sim sim is a nice village around a pond. Ok, for my taste to much fashion here, but this is where the money goes...

Wall Art: ChiMia

Some really nice findings will exceed the prims count at my home. The fair is worth a walk.

Picnic basket: [CIRCA] @ Food Fair ,
Dormeuse with color change HUD: Atelier Visconti @ Designer Warehouse,  Flowers: Patron

Have fun! I need to relax and eat something now ;)

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Citadel/50/133/22

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