Pink Floyd in Advanced Light and Reliability

"ahhhh quan quan quan...you haven't see my last work :(((" yelled Solkide Auer yesterday referring to his current installation at LEA17. And he was right, I am seriously behind with my blog posts. The artists in Second Life know that they usually can rely on my interest and my feedback. Reliability to me is an important topic value to me in all worlds.

I am so behind due to a surgery as a consequence of a small accident 2 weeks ago and the ART IN HATS - HATS IN ART event and this has a lot do to with reliability. For this event I collaborated with a team and I had to watch how they started to quarrel and one by one left the project. What really still let me staying in slight shock is that nobody had scruples to let me standing in the rain although I had nothing to do with their dramas. No, upon on that I am the bad guy now because I dared to insist in commitments. 2 times we had to postpone the opening, a catastrophe for a 100% person like me and at the end I stood more or less alone to finish the project. As much as I am happy that all turned out so good now, it is payed with anger and sadness this time. And I  ask you: Of course we are here in Second Life to have fun. But is that really an excuse to take the own sensitivities more serious than commitments?

I bet you guess my answer. And so I went to LEA17 today and more are on my list. Pink Floyd belong to the greatest, most innovative and influential artists in music of the last century. What I like especially with this band is the live concerts of them as one can hear that aging is a gift for artists when they use it to really mature. The same old songs sound much deeper and more touching today.  Solkide took motivs of their epic works and brought them to 3D. Of course the music stream is running Pink Floyd. I am still hearing it in SL while I am here writing. The guitar sounds make me almost crying. It was fun to sit on the Flying Pig, to have a ride though the work and to guess which songs the motifs are taken from. But I have to admit that I was thinking "Solkide, that is all fine. But where have you lost your good taste?" All was dark and blurred until....

Sorry, Pink Floyd - we DO need education but we don't need thought control
As usually I took the note card at the end of my visit and saw the key sentence here: "Important: in Preferences/graphics set slash at Advanced Lighting Model" I travel always with graphics on Medium and after changing a new world of beautiful light came up. What a difference!

"Advanced Lighting Model" unchecked

"Advanced Lighting Model" checked

I hope you read this before you visit and enjoy the installation and the music. Open until end of July!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA17/127/132/22


Apmel said...

I thought Advanced Lighting Model was mandatory now.. or at least should be!

Kikas Babenco said...

I do not use ALM because it crashes my computer, will I be banned?
I loved the installation anyway :-)