Sneak Preview: Ghostville

Cica Ghost made it  two times to amaze the visitors at LEA. Her current installation "Rust" is still in the Editors Picks. I blogged it here. If you are one of the many lovers hurry and go for a last view. The place is closing by end of month and given to another artist.

Cica Ghost presenting Ghostville

But you must not suffer without a Cica-installation. She created "Ghostville" at Metales, the art sim hosted by artists Ux Hax and Romy Nayar.

Cica started with this work already before she had her first LEA installation and she felt is was time to finish it now.

You might see here more clouds as your viewer will allow. Cica recommends to use the region windlight and to slide  Cloud Cover to 0.68. (For Firestorm users: Open Phototools - WL - New Sky Preset - Clouds - Cloud Cover Slider to 0.68).

Cica Ghost made it again to create a place, which soon will be flooded with explorers and photographers. It is full of cute corners and animations. Simply lovely!

"Ghostville" opens Thursday, Juli 25 at 11 AM SLT with tunes by excellent DJ Morlita Quan.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MetaLES/236/221/25

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