Reflections and Perception in Second Life

'Hidden' by Rose Borchovski

Don't we all had the experience once that our avatar sometimes acts differently as we we would do in real life? It is still us, but another facet of our personality which maybe is a bit suppressed usually. And don't we all experienced the feeling that is is our avatar who made us changing?  It is to easy to say that it is just the protection of anonymity behind the screen.

Part of  'Reflecting Poo'l by Misprint Thursday

It is proved now that the choice of the avatar changes the perception. Scientists gave probands a child avatar  in a virtual environment. The result was that all identified fast with the avatar, overestimated the sizes of items and changed behavior:  "We conclude that there are perceptual and probably behavioral correlates of body-ownership illusions that occur as a function of the type of body in which embodiment occurs." Read all details here. The means to us that we really should wear provided avatar in games and art installations as it enhances the immersive effect.

The current art contest at UWA themed "Reflections" fits well to this topic. 64 works are displayed and there are some really interesting, well made and thoughtful works. Come and vote for your favorites.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/UWA/136/138/248

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