Where I Found my Peace of Mind in Second Life

Many say they have Second Life as retreat and escape. But we all know that we usually carry the same hassles we know from RL with us. The busy bees are busy here too, the drama queens drag from everyone into dramas, the loners stay lonely and so on. Everyone has its own mix.

Some places have the ability to calm down, relax and give peace of mind. Nino Vichan created such a place at LEA6. The floating patterns and sounds are beautiful compositions. Sitting on the floating carpets on every level are journeys through a relaxed and calm mind.

To me, Nino is not only a smart and talented artist, he has writing skills too. Therefore her Nino's words to the installation: "In the infinite space of your mind's eye the neural pathways that define your memories, dreams, fantasies, and the memories of those dreams and fantasies, intersect and reform patterns that combine the stimuli received from your visual and auditory input channels.

In this dimension the laws of physics are only used as referential material for the infinite creative processes that govern your experiences.

The universe of your Mind's Eye is inhabited by strange and wonderful creatures, of Intangible substance or pure color, that live in the ephemeral space of a momentary sound.

I offer this work as a vehicle into your mind's eye where you may pause for a moment and breathe deeply and slowly in an atmosphere of
                          and meaning..."

"When the Mind's Eye Listens" by Nino Vichan is open all July!
Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA6/168/172/21

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