Current LEA Round Ends This Month

Its is unbelievable but the current round is ending for the artists in residence. Applications for the next round starting in August are open until July 16th. All artists and builders, hurry and apply here.

The days I will check out the LEA regions and will present those which should not be missed. Today I visited again Resonant Osmosis at LEA26. It is sooo beautiful and everybody should see it. But beware of the virtual lianas!

Today I am wearing the great Capucha Metales by Horus Dover aka Noke Yuitza
Johnas Merlin wrote about his work:

"Some ideas enter the mind for a moment but soon depart leaving a vague, enigmatic imprint. This work is based on a collection of these thoughts, each a possible key, opening a door to another.

:: As if a song played from a hidden dimension vibrating pure energy.

I didn't get close to putting my ideas across fully here. But i had a lot of fun with where i managed to get to and appreciate the opportunity and the input and comment from the public.

I hope you enjoy, please IM/notecard any questions and feel free to take / use images/video. If you would like any models in the display please IM me for free copy/mod versions. Please use exact object names. Donations accepted. :P"

Hello Johnas, no need to specify for me. Just pass me all ;)

Don't miss this exceptional work!
Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA26/122/129/21

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