Romeo and Juliet in SL

I think I must not tell about the sad love story of the most famous couple in theatre history. Nino Vichan loves theatre and expressed interesting insights about virtualtity and reality for my article in the current AVENUE issue, don't miss reading it. After building Macbeth and The Merchant of Venice at LEA it was only natural to build a work about this tragic love drama.

Very interesting is especially how he placed the scenes. You see three key scenes of the piece by sitting on one of the chairs. It not only takes camera control, it starts as well a sound / music fitting to the scene.

To me, Romeo and Juliet fits very good into SL as almost all love stories here end tragic. Ok, not because of rival families ;)

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Myhns%20Land/72/67/29

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Hello! Seeing as how you covered an SL version of Romeo and Juliet before, I thought you might be interested in this new version: