Beauty and Fun

It is time to admit something. I am not a gamer at all! Since childhood I usually hated to play and always preferred to do something that made sense to me instead of wasting my time with a given stupid goal or role playing. My family was believing that I will become a bad mother, because my dolls stayed in the corner. And I was famous for getting upset in board games! Very seldom a game gets me and I am addicted for a short while. Therefore I am convinced that Second Life is not a game, because if it where, I would have left it after a week.

Dont't ask me how I made it to become blogger for Madpea and to stay already for almost a year. I suppose I was good in hiding my weakness, because the high quality fascinated me from the beginning and I still have a passion for MadPea. Luckily the team has patience with me, when I stuck again in a game half exhausted and half upset :)

So, I was not that excited when I got the blogger pack for the Garden Game last week. But of course I was curious and the beauty of the setting is so breathtaking nice, that writing about the game was a must. But taking photos as well is a challenge at this place, because there is so much. I met Trill Zapatero here today and she said laughing:  "You could spend a week taking photos here or make it your life's work."  So true!

But spending the hours there; I started to find the requested artifacts and to click the statues. They all give hints and you can click the HUD once for negative and by doubleclick for positive statements. And along with taking the photos I solved the puzzle. It was really fun and I could not stop at the end before I got all.

At the landing point you get a free demo HUD which allows you to play only once, or you purchase the full version. The HUD allows playing together with others. The artifacts and the statues you have to find are displayed there and if all that together with the well written note card leaves questions, you can watch a video too: http://thegardenwhispers.com

My summary: An absolute beautiful sim and a well made game. A must for all photographers and gamers in SL, but also for all who just enjoy beautiful places and like to explore them.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Seven%20Veils/228/218/8


Salome said...

Thank you so much for the lovely write up! And I'm glad the game won you over ;)

Lizzie Gudkov said...

In my "to-visit-list" for sure! Very curious about it! Thank you to the creators and to Quan for drawing our attention to The Garden, the great pics and an enticing post! :)