Machinima Expo Starts Today

A while ago Tutsy Navaratha sent me this trailer produced by him which made me aware of a 3-day-event that starts today: The Machinima Expo. More than 70 videos are shown. You can follow the program inworld or on the website. Find the schedule here.

And sorry, you need to hear some rants today. You cannot image how much time and effort it took me to get those simple information's. It is still a huge challenge to get at least a rough overview over the most important cultural events in SL. Most organizers believe in creating their own inworld groups or as in this case to post the information's scattered on the website and in facebook instead of professional marketing. I got no press release, nothing. But even the tiniest gallery invites me into her group. Sadly a blogger has only 42 group spaces too. At the end they wonder why nobody is coming after all that huge amount of preparation work and the audience misses a great event. If I could not rely on the nice people in my friendlist, this blog often would be unwritten. Thank you Tutsy!

The Expo starts at 9 AM SLT!

Taxi:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Virtual%20Reverie/141/151/26


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Anonymous said...

The event is so boring that I guess they want to keep it low profile to avoid that a lot of people will attend it.